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The NJCH Teacher Institute provides professional development programs for New Jersey K-12 educators and recognizes outstanding work by teachers of humanities disciplines. Questions relating to Teacher Institute programming should be directed to Mary Grace Whealan at mwhealan@njch.org.

Applications available under each program tab AND in the “Applications” tab.

Teacher Institute programs include:

Applications are editable Microsoft Word documents.  They may be either printed and mailed or electronically sent to MaryGrace Whealan at mwhealan@njch.org.  Please note, applications must be submitted in full with all signatures included (if required).  

Teacher Seminars


Call with questions: 609-695-4838  or e-mail: mwhealan@njch.org.


Teacher Institute seminars are three-day tuition-free courses; lunch is provided. Activities at the seminars include lectures, discussions,  films, writing workshops, curriculum planning, and opportunities to network with scholars and teaching colleagues.



1. Complete application form
2. A brief résumé
3. In two pages or less, describe why you are applying to the seminar. Briefly note NJCH seminars attended
4. A letter of recommendation from your principal or department chair

Please send a complete copy of your application packet (application, résumé, statement & letter of recommendation) to:

Mary Grace Whealan, Program Officer
28 West State Street, 6th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08608

Applications (in full) may also be scanned and emailed to mwhealan@njch.org.

For the past eighteen years, the New Jersey Council for the Humanities has recognized the best of our state’s K-12 public school teachers and their outstanding achievements in teaching the humanities to our young people.

What kind of teacher do we look for?

An elementary, middle school or high school teacher who understands the complexity, value and richness of the humanities, including such subjects as history, literature and language arts, the theory and history of the arts, comparative religion, world cultures and ethics. Teachers who explore these subjects with their students often use an interdisciplinary approach. Such teachers are creative and help others to see new perspectives. They frequently serve as role models for other teachers. They are, simply, the best of teachers.

The Teacher of the Year receives a $500 prize; his or her school receives $500 for the purchase of humanities resources that are chosen by the Teacher of the Year.

We encourage your participation in the Teacher of the Year awards program in 2014!



Continuing Education for New Jersey Teachers


The New Jersey Council for the Humanities professional development seminars for New Jersey K-12 teachers bring educators together for an intellectually stimulating exploration of new scholarship in history and literature that enriches their lives and their curriculum.


Questions? Please contact MaryGrace Whealan at mwhealan@njch.org or by phone at 609-695-4838.


Humanities in the Hallways


Professional Development Programs


How to plan a program for your school:
Choose from these topics for the 2012 – 2013 school year:


The Civil War in American History and Culture


The Civil War was a critical moment in the construction of the American nation. When examined through the multiple lens of politics, military strategies, economic and technological transformation, and what Lincoln called a new birth of freedom, the Civil War at once illuminates and complicates what Americans believe about their nation and themselves.  Options for this workshop give participants the chance to examine the Civil War’s standing in American History and historical sensibilities from the 1830s through the traumatic years of the War itself, focusing on the causes of the War, its impact on New Jersey, and new scholarship on women and African Americans during this period.

Narratives of Immigration: Latino/a Lives

Seminars examine the United States–a nation of immigrants–as defined by the narratives of its Latino/a population. Through novels, short stories, films and music, stories of arrival and belonging are explored as conceptualizations of national, racial and ethnic communities.

Narratives of Immigration: Asian American Communities and Conflicts

The United States is increasingly defined by the narratives of its immigrant populations. Options for this workshop give participants the chance to take up the novels, short stories, films and music that tell the stories of Asian immigrants’ arrival, sense of belonging, and the difficulties they have faced upon settling. Teachers examine how Asian conceptualizations of national, racial and ethnic communities are formed, and how the idea of “community” relates to issues of immigration, colonialism, exile, integration and assimilation, political presence, religion, criminality, and “back home” nationalism.

…or a topic of your choice


A workshop can be tailored to your school’s needs and/or interests.


How to prepare an application to Humanities in the Hallways:


  • Contact NJCH Teacher Institute Program Officer Mary Grace Whealan at 609-695-4838 to discuss planning a Humanities inthe Hallways educational program and identify leaders on the topic.
  • Choose dates and times. NJCH will contact potential leaders to determine availability.
  • Fill out the attached application form and send it to the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. Authorizing Officialfrom the school or district must approve the application and payment.
  • Upon receipt of contract, consult with the leader to select readings or other educational materials for participants toreview in advance of the program. Also, provide leader with directions and confirm date and time as the program dateapproaches.
  • Fee is due seven days in advance of the program. Checks made payable to the New Jersey Council for the Humanities may bemailed to the NJCH office at the address below.


NJCH Humanities in the Hallways Fees:


$800 for a 2 hour program $900 for a 3 hour program
$1100 for 4 hour program $1500 for a 6 hour program


Final steps to completing the application for a Humanities in the Hallways program:


Please fill out the attached application form. Be sure the authorizing official signs the first page and project director signs the application on page 2.

Keep a copy of the completed application for your own records, and send the original to:
New Jersey Council for the Humanities
Humanities in the Hallways
28 West State Street, Sixth Floor
Trenton, NJ 08608


Download the Application and Guidelines.


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