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The Horizons Speakers Bureau provides humanities lecturers to New Jersey nonprofits. Organizations pay a modest application fee and choose a lecture from our wide-ranging catalog of topics and speakers. NJCH pays the speakers’ fees and travel expenses. It is easy to book a humanities scholar to speak at your next event, read below to learn more.
NJCH is no longer accepting applications for programs between November 1, 2015 and October 31, 2016.

Enrollment for programs taking place between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2017 will start July 1.

Click below to learn how to bring a program to your community.

New Jersey nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply. Programs are frequently hosted by libraries, historical societies, museums, civic associations, public agencies, senior centers, and other community groups.

Eligible organizations may host two programs between November 1, 2015 and October 31, 2016. Preference may be given to organizations that have not yet hosted a program.

All organizations that apply must agree to keep the program free and open to the public. If the program is at a museum, regular entrance fees may be collected but no additional fee may be charged for the program.

1. Review the catalog on our website to identify a speaker and topic. On the right hand side of this page, you can browse by topic or speaker last name.

2. Select a preferred date and time that you would like to host your program. Please submit applications at least six weeks in advance of the date you are requesting.

3. Complete the application and mail it to NJCH along with the $50 application fee.

4. After NJCH receives your application, you will be contacted by email within five business days with the speaker’s contact information and further instructions.

Click to Download an Application

There is a $50 registration fee per program that must be submitted with each application.

Government entities such as a libraries, parks, and county/municipal senior centers can submit purchase orders instead of a check with the application. Payment of the application fee will be due three weeks after the program date.

Please note that NJCH pays the speaker’s honorarium and travel expenses.

NJCH will refund the application fee if you cannot schedule a program to your satisfaction or if the program is cancelled and you do not wish to reschedule.

After NJCH receives your application, you will be contacted by email with the speaker’s contact information and instructions on how to schedule your program. Please note that host organizations, not NJCH staff, are responsible for scheduling programs.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Our speakers do their best to accommodate your schedule, but organizations frequently end up scheduling their programs on a different date and time than was requested.

2. Please remember that our speakers’ may have time limitations and many travel a great distance to do programs. It is important to clearly communicate to them the actual start time of the program, particularly if you are planning on holding the program in conjunction with a business meeting, meal, or other social event.

3. Circumstances change and no one can predict the weather months in advance. While we realize you may need to reschedule your event, you are required to inform both the speaker and NJCH of any changes. If you need to cancel your program the day of the event, please give the speaker sufficient notice.

To learn more about preparing for and hosting your program, please review the Program Checklist.

Program Checklist (Click to View)

To learn more about publicizing your program, please review the publicity guide.

Publicity Guide (Click to View)

After the program is completed you must submit a completed Program Director’s Final Report including a budget summary, tabulated survey data and completed audience surveys. Completed final reports are due no later than three weeks after the program date.

Click to Download Final Report

More Program Resources

NJCH is currently not expanding the Horizons Speakers Bureau program or looking for new speakers.

In early 2017 we will announce an open call for proposals for new programs. We envision an expanded catalog with new topics and formats, offering a variety of high-quality, pre-packaged formats for New Jersey residents. We will be looking for proposals that offer new programs formats and topics while helping us advance the goals of our strategic plan by reaching underserved audiences and bringing people of different perspectives and backgrounds together.

If you would like to be informed of future updates please contact James Kirkland, Manager of Operations, at jkirkland@njch.org or 609.695.4838, extension 221.

Can’t find a speaker from our list? Please visit the Rutgers Speakers Bureau.

Questions? Please contact James Kirkland, Manager of Operations, at jkirkland@njch.org or 609.695.4838, extension 221

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