Horizons Speakers Bureau

The Horizons Speakers Bureau provides lecturers in humanities areas as wide-ranging as ethnic and cultural studies, history, literature, interpretation of the arts, and public policy. These programs, available to New Jersey nonprofit organizations, are free and open to the public and include time for audience discussion. More than 170 topics from a variety of speakers are available for selection.




The Council is now accepting applications for the Horizons Speakers Bureau, for programs taking place on or before October 31, 2014.

Organizations that have applied to host a program between November 1, 2013 and October 31, 2014 are eligible to apply for another program. Preference will be given to organizations that have not yet applied to host a Horizons Speakers Bureau program during this period.

If you have any questions please contact James Kirkland, Program Coordinator at [email protected] or 609.695.4838.

Who is eligible to register for Speakers Bureau programs?

Any New Jersey nonprofit organization that is able to provide an appropriate site and an audience of thirty or more people is eligible to apply. Programs are frequently hosted by libraries, historical societies, museums, civic associations, public agencies, senior centers and other community groups. NJCH reserves the right to give preference to organizations that have not previously hosted speakers.

How many programs can an organization sponsor?

Each organization may apply for two programs per fiscal year (November 1 through October 31). Priority will be given to organizations that have not previously hosted programs.

Is there a cost?

There is a registration fee of $50 that must be paid when the application is submitted.

How do I request a speaker?

Please submit an application at least two months in advance of the date you are requesting. You will be contacted by the Speakers Bureau Coordinator, who will give you contact information for the speaker.

Need more information? Please email [email protected]

Another Resource:
Can’t find a speaker from our list? Please visit the Rutgers Speakers Bureau.

Download an application here.

What are the responsibilities of the host organization?

  • Submit your application and work with the Speakers Bureau Coordinator to schedule each event
  • Publicize the program as free and open to the public; acknowledge funding by NJCH; submit draft publicity to the Coordinator for approval before it is distributed
  • Provide a meeting Room that is accessible to the general public and has space for at least 30 people
  • Provide audio/visual equipment if the speaker requests it
  • Distribute evaluation forms to the audience for their comments
  • Submit a final report to NJCH that includes a brief narrative, completed evaluations, copies of the finalized publicity materials, and a listing of expenses (cash and in-kind) incurred by the organization

Can the host organization charge admission?

No. It is important that these programs be free and open to the public.

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