The New Jersey Council for the Humanities is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the people of New Jersey by developing, supporting, and promoting projects that explore and interpret the human experience, foster cross-cultural understanding, and engage citizens in dialogue about matters of individual choice and public responsibility. One way the Council achieves its mission is by awarding grants in support of the public humanities. Whether your organization has been working in the public humanities for years or is planning a project for the first time, the Council welcomes your project ideas.




Montclair Historical Society

Major Grant: Historic YWCA Exhibit @ Montclair Historical Society

Please Note: Our last grant deadline for the year is November 16, 2015. Be sure to check back in January to learn about our new grant opportunities!

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities invites New Jersey-based nonprofit organizations and public entities to submit requests for funding in support of their public humanities projects. The Council regularly receives applications from public libraries, historical societies, museums, arts groups, service organizations, and institutions of higher education. The Council does NOT provide grants to individuals.


Grants are awarded through a competitive review process several times each year.  As a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Council receives federal funding for its grants program.

What Are the Humanities?

The humanities are a group of academic disciplines, such as literature, history, philosophy, languages, art and music history, architecture, folklore, and comparative religion, that examine the human experience and explore basic questions of meaning and value.  The humanities should not be confused with humanitarianism, and as defined by the Council, are distinct from the arts.

What Are the Public Humanities?

Public humanities projects connect humanities scholars (generally, trained academics with advanced degrees in humanities disciplines) with the general public, bringing the humanities out of the classroom and into our lives.  They offer ways to investigate, evaluate, discover, record, and articulate the meaning of the human experience, giving us the opportunity to look beyond our everyday concerns and see ourselves in relation to larger questions.

The Council regularly supports lecture series, community discussions, interpretive exhibits, oral history projects and digital resources.  The Council does NOT support independent research or scholarly monographs.


Please Note: Our last grant deadline for the year is November 16, 2015. Be sure to check back in January to learn about our new grant opportunities!

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities offers a variety of grant opportunities throughout the year.  Please note that all major and mini-grant applicants are REQUIRED to submit a complete draft application by the deadline listed below.  This year’s grants calendar is as follows:

Grant Type /
Maximum Request

Draft Deadline

Final Deadline

For Projects Beginning


April 1
September 1

May 1
October 1

On/after Aug. 1, 2015
On/after Jan. 1, 2016


January 15
April 15
July 15
October 15

February 16*
May 15
August 17
November 16

On/after May 1, 2015
On/after Aug. 1, 2015
On/after Nov. 1, 2015
On/after Feb. 1, 2016

Community Discussion




*Due to the Presidents’ Day holiday, this deadline has been extended to February 17.

Applicants must provide at least a 1:1 match (cash and/or in-kind) for every dollar requested from the Council.

Interested in Applying?

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities would like to hear from you!  All prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Council to discuss their project ideas before beginning work on a draft application.  The Council can be reached at 609-695-4838 or

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