Teacher of the Year Award

For the past twenty years, the New Jersey Council for the Humanities has recognized the best of our state’s K-12 school teachers and their outstanding achievements in teaching the humanities to our young people.

Congratulations to Rebecca Kipp-Newbold,Untitled design (12)
West Morris Central High School,
our 2014 Teacher of the Year!

The 2014  selection committee took particular note of the interdisciplinary, engaging, and imaginative nature of Kipp-Newbold’s teaching and her enthusiastic dedication to students through a combination of  humanities education and the arts both in and out of the classroom.


What kind of teacher do we look for?

The review committee will judge nominated full-time elementary, middle school and high school teachers based upon the following criteria:

• Possession of an exceptional understanding of the humanities
• Demonstration of applied innovative pedagogy to humanities education
• Innovative and effective techniques to develop each student’s ability to perceive, think critically, and form a personal world-view

Humanities subjects as defined by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) include:

  • History/social studies
  • Literature and language arts
  • Philosophy
  • Theory and history of the arts
  • Language and world cultures and
  • Those aspects of the social sciences which have humanistic content and employ humanistic methods

Who may nominate a teacher for the Award?

We encourage colleagues, supervisors, and/or administrators to nominate educators in their schools.  Nominations provide an opportunity to recognize excellent educators and celebrate the remarkable things taking place in your school.

The Teacher of the Year receives a $500 prize; his or her school receives $500 for the purchase of humanities resources that are chosen by the Teacher of the Year.

The winning teacher will also be honored during October as a part of National Arts and Humanities Month.

Questions? Contact Mary Grace Whealan at mwhealan@njch.org.


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