America and the Politics of World Religions

Aired: April 25, 2010
Politics and religion usually top the list of subjects deemed too controversial for public discussion. In this episode of Humanities Connection, Dr. Joseph Devlin (pictured above), professor of religious studies at LaSalle University, explains not only the necessity of talking about politics and religion together but why in his Teacher Institute seminar, America and the Politics of World Religions, he argues it is impossible to understand one without the other.

Dr. Joseph Devlin explores why, even in a seemingly secular nation like the U.S., we need to think about the intersections between religions and politics.

In common usage, “myth” is often used to describe stories that are not true. Dr. Devlin offers a different conception of myth as a cultural frame that helps us make sense of the world.

Rich Schwartz, social studies coordinator for Whippany Park High School and NJCH Teacher Institute master teacher, describes the benefits teachers receive from attending a summer teacher institute.

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