Our Mission



The New Jersey Council for the Humanities develops, supports and promotes projects that explore and interpret the human experience, foster cross-cultural understanding and engage people in dialogue about matters of individual choice and public responsibility.


NJCH believes that the humanities – history, literature, philosophy, religion, languages, art, and culture – provide the tools needed to explore and learn from the human experience. The study of the humanities affirms the fundamental value we place on the individual, enhances our sense of community, and encourages the active civic engagement necessary for a vigorous democracy.

NJCH believes that understanding of the humanities can effect real change in the lives of individuals by helping people see themselves as part of a continuum of human cultures.

NJCH believes that the study of the humanities enables New Jerseyans to learn more about their fellow citizens and those of the broader world and to understand the complexity of the human experience in a successful pluralistic society.

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